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What is COZUCHI’s Real Estate Investment?
  • How COZUCHI works
  • Investment from a small amount
  • Only 15 minutes to start investing
  • Leave the management to the professionals
  • No loss of principal
  • Redeem at any time
How COZUCHI works

With COZUCHI, investments in carefully selected real estate are made by professionals and a large number of investors gathered through the Internet. Dividends are paid out to investors based on rental income and profit from the sale of the property, and if the value of the property declines, the loss is covered from the professional’s investment to protect the investor’s investment. All transactions are completed online, so you can leave your investment to the professionals and just wait for the dividends.

Investment from a small amount

With COZUCHI, you can start with as little as 10,000 yen even if you don’t have a large sum of money.
If you want to start something to prepare for the future, if you have never invested before, or if you want to start when you have more money, COZUCHI is the perfect solution for you.
When you start from small investments, you can limit your risk and prepare for the future.
All real estate is carefully selected by professionals and managed with maximum preservation, so anyone can start easily.
Let’s start COZUCHI together, at your own pace.

Only 15 minutes to start investing

At COZUCHI, you can easily register as an investor via the Internet and you can start investing immediately within only about 15 minutes after registration.
All registration and investment can be completed online, and you can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from the webpage or the app with just one smartphone. You can also check your investment status on My Page. Even if you are busy and have do not have much time, you can start COZUCHI in your spare time.
Please note that depending on the status of the account opening process, it may take longer than usual. In order to register as an investor, you will need to register your personal identification documents, account number, and upload your documents.

Leave the management to the professionals

You can choose from a variety of funds, such as buildings and condominiums, and invest in the one you like. All you have to do is to wait for the dividends. There is no hassle at all, and after investing, you can just leave the property alone.
In addition, COZUCHI has a track record of 39 funds with a total investment amount of 6.9 billion yen*, and has never had any loss of principal or delay in dividend payment due to the know-how and discernment in property selection that we have cultivated as professionals.
Even if you are new to real estate investment or busy and have little time, you can easily start investing with peace of mind.

No loss of principal

Since its launch, COZUCHI has maintained a 100% normal redemption rate without a single dividend delay, and has a track record of steadily managing investors’ assets. (As of February 2022)
In addition, since operators also invest 10-60% of the total fund, even if there is a decline in value, the principal of the customer is protected as long as it is within the scope of the operator’s investment.

※The normal redemption rate is the percentage of funds that have been successfully redeemed with no loss of principal.

Redeem at any time

At COZUCHI, you can apply for redemption at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from My Page.
In order to respond to the changing lifestyles of our investors, COZUCHI has established a redemption system that allows investors to respond flexibly in the event that they are in urgent need of funds. It is a system that allows investors to start investing in COZUCHI with ease and peace of mind.

Please allow a certain period of time from the time of redemption request to the time of actual redemption. If there is a large number of redemption requests from customers, we may temporarily hold the request to ensure stable fund management. In case of redemption procedures, an administrative fee of 3~5.5% will be charged.

Know about COZUCHI in a minute

COZUCHI’s NOTE provides articles about COZUCHI funds and other informative content regarding investment, money and the economy.

COZUCHI Official AccountWe will deliver the latest funds and valuable information!

COZUCHI videoHigh school girl student buys a city

Now that the adult age is 18, asset formation has been taken up in high school classes.
It is a content to learn asset management with high school students who have not been involved in investment until now.
Let’s keep an eye on that.

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3 Steps to Start with COZUCHI

Member Registration

Register with just your phone number and email address! You will be able to view detailed project pages and receive information on project releases as soon as possible.

Investor Registration

You can register as an investor in as little as 15 minutes with facial recognition. We will verify your identity in accordance with the law.You will be required to provide identification documents.
Please note that the time required may vary depending on the screening process.

Start investing

After investor registration is complete, an investor page will be created exclusively for you. You can apply for investment in the project of your choice from the investor page.

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Easy investment with just an app

COZUCHI app available

COZUCHI app now available .
Asset management easier and more convenient than ever before