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COZUCHI is a mid-return real estate investment type crowdfunding service based on the concept of “real estate investment that circulates thoughts and wealth”. COZUCHI is a mid-return real estate investment crowdfunding service that invites co-investors for each project, and returns the rents and profits from the real estate business to the investors. With a low-risk senior-subordinated structure, we aim to provide and achieve higher returns than bonds and debentures.

Service Features

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Real Estate Investment from 10,000 yen

“It’s so easy to leave it alone.

Diversify your investments to manage risk

You can invest in as little as 15 minutes.

The Three Strengths of COZUCHI

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Dividends with no upper limit on returns

In the real estate investment type crowdfunding, dividends are usually distributed to preferred investors first, but the dividend yield is usually capped. COZUCHI, however, not only gives priority to the preferred investors, but also fairly distributes the profit without capping the dividend yield, aiming to achieve higher returns to the investors while placing importance on low-risk product design.

High Yield

COZUCHI achieves low risk by carefully examining the rental income and estimated sale price of the property, and by adopting a preferential subordination structure, and at the same time achieves a mid to high return of 4-12%. “The main feature of UUCHI is that it aims to realize “low risk product design and as large a return as possible.

Companies to choose from Various investment products (business companies)

A variety of real estate businesses participate in COZUCHI, and each business commercializes products in areas where they have their own strengths. As a result, COZUCHI offers a wide variety of real estate investment products such as condominiums, retail stores, single buildings, single rental condominiums, hotels, resort development, redevelopment projects, etc. One of the main features of COZUCHI is that it offers a wide variety of products to suit the investment policy of each investor.

Safe and secure investment initiatives

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Priority-subordination structure to protect investors

Of the preferred-subordinated structure, the preferred portion is invested by the investors, while the subordinated portion is invested by the business operator. The subordinated portion of the business is 10-60%, and the principal of your preferred investment will not be lost until the entire subordinated portion is lost.

Various initiatives to achieve low risk

If the leasing risk is deemed to be high, we conclude a master lease. For capital gain-type projects, we hedge exit risk by guaranteeing the purchase of the property. In addition, we design low-risk products by proactively adopting risk management methods appropriate for each project.

Reliable track record

We have managed a total of about 900 million yen from 2008 to 2018 in the business utilizing the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act, which is the predecessor of “WARASHIBE”, and there has never been any principal loss or dividend delay. In WARASHIBE, an electronic transaction under the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act, which commenced operations in 2019, the total number of funds is 21, with a total of approximately 1.2 billion yen under management, and similarly, there has never been a principal loss or dividend delay.

You can invest in as little as 15 minutes.


Membership Registration

Easy registration with just your name and email address! You will be able to view detailed project pages and be the first to receive information about the project’s release.

Investor Registration

Investor registration is possible in a minimum of 15 minutes with face recognition. We will verify your identity in accordance with the law.
※dentity verification documents are required for application.

Investment Start

After completing investor registration, a customer-only account will be opened! Please deposit the investment funds to the dedicated account and apply for investment in your favorite project.

User’s Voice

Frequently Asked Questions

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COZUCHI is a mid-return real estate investment type crowdfunding service based on the concept of “real estate investment that circulates thoughts and wealth”. 10,000 yen is all you need to invest in real estate. With COZUCHI, you can easily invest in real estate from as little as 10,000 yen and receive rents and profits from the sale of real estate.
The real estate that COZUCHI handles is not subject to market fluctuations like stocks or FX. Therefore, there is no need to worry about price movements or the timing of sales, and our services are well received by people who want to invest without spending time and effort, and who want to incorporate asset management into their lives without strain.

There are the following risks.

Risks related to the principal investment (bankruptcy of the business, etc.)
Risks related to real estate (decline in rent, loss on sale, etc.)
Natural disaster risk

For details and other risks, please refer to the project details page and the pre-approval document.

The guarantee of the principal is prohibited by the Capital Subscription Law.

To start investing, there are two main steps: “member registration” and “investor registration”. Just follow the instructions and you can start investing in as little as 15 minutes.

Flow of investment

1. member registration
2. investor registration
3. Identity verification
4. apply for investment in the project of your choice

We do not charge any fees for investment when registering as an investor.
However, investors are required to pay transfer fees and other fees necessary for the transfer of funds when investing.

Company Information

LAETOLI Corporation (Operator)

Aoyama Tower Bldg.

Aoyama Tower Building 9F, 2-24-15, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo


TEL :03-6455-5386 (weekdays 10:00-17:00)

Business hours :Weekdays 10:00 ~ 17:00

Representative Director: Ya Mutoh / Business Administrator: Hayato Mizushima

Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise No. 1 and No. 2 Business Operators (to conduct electronic transaction business)

License No.: Governor of Tokyo No. 60

Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Operator Governor of Tokyo (5) 77822

Type 2 Financial Instruments Business Operator: Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 740