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Thoughts on COZUCHI

In order to realize a “fair society where meaningful money circulates in abundance,” we aim to build a sustainable world in which social contribution and profit can go hand in hand, by investing in projects that lead to urban development and regional revitalization. Our goal is to build a sustainable world in which ideas and wealth meet.

Message from the CEO

“We will create a new type of finance and create a society where we can both pursue profits and contribute to society.”

I want to create a system where spiritual and financial wealth can circulate by investing in things that I believe are valuable to me and to society. With this in mind, we launched COZUCHI, a real estate crowdfunding service for urban development. In the Japanese real estate market, the practice of calculating real estate value based on “quantitative evaluation” has taken root, and there is an unfortunate tendency to focus on visible value, such as simply determining the price based on age and deterioration.

So are old buildings worthless, or are clean new buildings the only good real estate? We don’t think so. What is valuable to us and to society is the culture that we weave, the people who live around us, and the various activities that take place there.

We strongly believe that by creating a system that allows us to invest in such invisible qualitative values, we can protect our culture, nurture our people, and develop our city in a healthy way. We hope that COZUCHI will become a place where we can leave behind the values that should be left behind in the future, and that it will become a new financial system where the two wheels of social contribution and the pursuit of profit revolve in a healthy manner through projects that lead to the revitalization of local communities and the resolution of social issues.

Representative Director and CEO Ya Muto

LAETOLI (About the management company)

Since the dawn of the real estate specified joint venture business, we have been providing support for companies entering the business by helping them to obtain licenses and acting as an investment advisor. In 2008, we began selling and operating our original brand, Yuyu Club. At the same time, we have been involved in the acquisition, sale, renovation, and brokerage of various types of real estate, and have accumulated a wide range of expertise. In 2019, 10 years after the launch of the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise, we have redesigned our small-lot real estate investment product using the Internet, and started operating a new product “COZUCHI” that makes real estate investment easier, more friendly, and more accessible to more investors. COZUCHI is an investment product that will be the first step for all those who want to start real estate investment. Just as the old tale of the “Straw Chief” begins with a straw, we hope that our product “COZUCHI” will be the first step for everyone to invest in real estate – LAETOLI Co.