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For the purpose of appropriately operating electronic transaction business related to real estate specified joint ventures with the trust of investors, we have established the following basic policy on information security to protect our information assets, including personal information of investors, from threats.

  • 1.We will take measures against antisocial forces as a whole organization, ensure the safety of employees who deal with antisocial forces, assess risks related to information security based on changes in the environment both inside and outside the company, develop and maintain information systems, and make necessary improvements.
  • 2.We will establish an organizational structure for the appropriate operation of our information systems and provide the necessary training in an appropriate manner.
  • 3.In order to maintain the safety and accuracy of information assets, we will strive to prevent unauthorized access, destruction, falsification, loss, and leakage, and will implement appropriate safety measures. In addition, personal information is managed and protected under particularly strict conditions.
  • 4.In handling information assets, we will comply with this basic policy, various rules and regulations, and laws and other standards.
  • 5.In the event that the Company outsources the handling of information assets, it will do so under the appropriate management of the Company.
  • 6.We will review and improve the contents of this basic policy as necessary.
September 2, 2019 Aoyama OM-SQUARE 4F, 2-5-8 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative Director Ya Muto

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