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Investment Mechanism

The Medium- to long- term investment type is a General Partnership-type real estate investment crowdfunding. Investors, who are members of the partnership, delegate the execution of business to the operator, and the operator manages the business as an operating partner, and can expect the same benefits as actually owning real estate.
It is a low-risk, middle-return investment product that aims for higher returns than bonds, bank deposits, etc. while realizing regular dividends over the medium to long term.

*Medium- to long-term investment type can be invested from 100,000 yen.

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Asset Management Simulation

If you invest 1 million yen in COZUCHI’s “medium- to long-term investment type,” you may be able to receive 450,000 yen in distributions over 10 years, separate from the capital, which is a significant difference compared to investing in fixed deposits or bonds.

・Assuming an investment yield of 4.5% for COZUCHI “”Medium- to long-term investment type. Interest rates are shown on an annualized, pre-tax basis. The assumed yield is not a guarantee of future investment results. *1 In some cases, the capital may be damaged. “*2 Calculated based on the initial interest rate of 0.33% for the 10-year maturity period of the Variable Interest Rate Type National Bonds for Individuals as of March 2023. *3 Calculated based on the annual interest rate of 0.002% for the 1-year Super Time Deposit of major urban banks as of March 2023.”

5 Reasons to Choose Us

  • Manage your funds with ease and minimal effort over the medium to long term.

    Once you have invested in one of COZUCHI’s carefully selected funds of your choice, all you have to do is wait for the dividends. We take care of all the property management and operations. Since the investment period is mid- to long-term, there is no need to re-select funds and reinvest in a short period of time. In addition, since dividends are distributed once every six months according to the investment amount, so you can earn regular income.

  • Aim for profit on sales while earning regular dividends

    In the medium- to long-term investment type, dividends are distributed once every six months, and capital gains can also be aimed for when the real estate is sold. Capital gains from the sale of real estate will be distributed to investors according to your holdings. The product is designed so that you can aim for regular dividends without worrying about daily price movements, and you can also aim for profit on sale at the end of the investment.

    *If a capital gain is obtained at the time of sale, dividends will be distributed according to the stake, up to 80% of the capital gain.
    *Capital gains and losses may occur due to real estate market conditions.
  • Every six months, there is an opportunity for a mid-term sale

    In the form of a resale fund, COZUCHI will find a buyer for you, so you don’t have to look for a buyer on your own. Once every six months (scheduled for June and December), depending on the fund’s investment period, you will have the opportunity to sell the fund as needed, allowing you to control the investment period. In the future, COZUCHI aims to further enhance this functionality and provide a service that increases liquidity by quickly matching investors who want to sell in the mid-term with those who want to buy. You can apply for the sale procedure from the “Sale Application” page on “My Page”.

    *Sale is not guaranteed.
    *The amount of money returned upon mid-term sale may vary depending on the real estate market conditions at the time of sale.
    *If you sell immediately after the start of operation (e.g within one year), you may incur a loss due to the burden of real estate acquisition tax, etc.

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  • Minimize business bankruptcy risks

    In the case of Mid- to long-term investment, even if the business operator goes bankrupt, there will be no change in the real estate ownership held by investors, allowing the operation to be continued by another business operator. By using it in conjunction with short-term investment, you can expect a risk diversification effect in your investment.

    *If you want to set up and operate another business, certain procedures are required.
  • Same asset compression effect as physical real estate.

    As with regular physical real estate, the inheritance tax assessed value will be lower than the real estate value, so a significant compression effect can be expected at the time of inheritance or donation, rather than holding the same amount of cash and deposits. Since the discrepancy between the inheritance tax assessed value and the market value of investment real estate in general investments is larger than that of investment real estate in rural areas, a higher asset compression effect can be expected in the medium- to long-term investment type, where many properties are located in urban centers.

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Differences from investment in apartments & condominiums

“Medium- to long-term investment type” Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q
    Are there early redemptions?
    We aim for stable management over the medium to long term, but if it is determined that selling the property would be more profitable for the association due to real estate market conditions, etc., early redemption through the sale of the property may be carried out.
  • Q
    I would like to know the specific procedure for mid-term sale
    There will be a six-monthly period (scheduled for June and December) for accepting requests for sale in accordance with the fund’s calculation period. Please apply through “Sale application” on “My Page”. In the short-term investment type (silent partnership), “Sale application” is for the operator himself/herself to purchase the funds, while “Purchase application” is not for the operator to purchase the funds, but to invite prospective buyers and sell the funds only when there is a request for purchase. In principle, it is not possible to sell a portion of one’s interest (number of units), so if one wishes to sell one’s interest (number of units), one must sell all of one’s interest (number of units). In addition, if you sell your interest in a fund in which you have invested, you will not be able to purchase the fund again in principle. However, it is possible to invest in another fund of the medium- to long-term management type. Please note that if you sell immediately after the start of operation (e.g within one year), you may incur a loss due to the burden of real estate acquisition tax, etc.
  • Q
    Are there any fees for investing or selling?
    No fees are charged for investments or sales (transfer fees for investments must be borne by the investor). No fees are charged for receiving distributions or redemption proceeds. *As of April 2024, subject to change in the future.
  • Q
    I want to know the inheritance procedure
    When an inheritance occurs, please contact us with the “Name” and the “Address to which documents should be sent” of the decedent. Once we have confirmed the contents of your inquiry, we will send you the documents related to the inheritance procedures. Please prepare the necessary documents (documents that show the inheritance relationship, etc.) and send them back to us by mail, and we will proceed with the procedures. Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries by telephone regarding funds owned by the decedent. In addition, written confirmation regarding the funds, etc. owned by the decedent will only be answered to the heirs (the decedent and the assignee who can confirm that he/she has been entrusted by the heirs).
  • Q
    Is there a senior-subordinated method?
    In the case of Voluntary Partnership, there is no preferred-subordination method. The partnership is managed by the executive partnership member (business operator), and the partners (investors) bear the profits and losses in proportion to their investment ratio.
  • Q
    How will I be handled for tax purposes? Do I need the Tax report?
    For tax purposes, income from medium- to long-term investment type (voluntary partnership) is real estate income. Although it varies from individual to individual, in principle, an income tax return is required. For an overview of the tax treatment, please refer to “Differences from Short-Term Investment Type“.