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COZUCHI is a real estate investment type of crowdfunding that utilizes the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act. Investors are solicited on the Internet, and the operating company conducts the real estate business. Rents and profits from the sale of real estate will be returned to investors. It is a middle-risk, middle-return investment service that aims for higher returns than bonds and debentures, while having a preferentially subordinated structure to protect investors.

From beginners to advanced investors

  • Real Estate Investment from 10,000 yen

    By utilizing the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act, COZUCHI makes it possible to invest in real estate worth billions of yen from as little as 10,000 yen.

  • Leave the management to professionals

    Since the operator takes care of all the various procedures and management of the real estate, you do not need to do anything after investing, just wait for the transfer of dividends.

  • Invest without fees
Asset Management Simulation

If you invest 1 million yen with COZUCHI, you may be able to receive 60,000 yen in distributions in 12 months, in addition to your principal, which is a big difference when compared to investments such as time deposits*.

Investment yield of COZUCHI assumed at 6.0%. ・The interest rate is expressed as an annual rate and before tax. ・The assumed yield is not a guarantee of future investment results. ※1 The principal amount invested may be affected. ※2 Calculated based on an annual interest rate of 0.002% (as of January 2022) for a one-year super term note at a major city bank.

Four reasons to choose COZUCHI

  • Dividends with no upper limit on returns

    In the real estate investment type crowdfunding, dividends are generally distributed to preferred investors first, while the capital gain dividend yield is capped. COZUCHI, however, gives priority to the preferred investors and also distributes the profit fairly without any cap on the dividend yield.

  • High Yield

    COZUCHI realizes low-risk and middle to high returns of 3-12% per annum by carefully examining the rental income and estimated selling price of the properties and by adopting a preferential subordination structure. The main feature of our product design is that we aim to realize "low risk and as high a return as possible.

  • Redeemable at any time

    If you need cash during the investment period, you can redeem it at any time by going to the Redemption Request page on My Page. (An administrative fee of 3 to 5.5% will be charged for redemption.) The redemption system is designed to meet the urgent financial needs of investors, and is different from the purchase guarantee. Therefore, the redemption amount will be based on the amount of investment, but at a fair price at the time of application for redemption. Please note that the redemption system may be suspended in the event of a financial crisis such as the Lehman Shock.

  • Invest within about 15 minutes!

    At COZUCHI, you can easily register as an investor through the Internet and you can start investing immediately within only about 15 minutes after registration.
    All registration and investment can be completed online, and you can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from the webpage or the app with just one smartphone. You can also check your investment status from your My Page.
    ※Please note that it may take longer than usual depending on the status of the account opening process.
    ※ In order to register as an investor, you will need to register your personal identification documents and account number, and upload the documents.