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Investment Mechanism

For short-term investment, we offer the General Partership-type real estate investment crowdfunding. Investors are recruited on the internet and the operating company conducts real estate investment business. Rental income and sales profits obtained from the real estate are returned to the investors. It is a middle-risk, high-return investment product that aims for high returns that are not inferior to stocks or investment trusts, while prioritizing the protection of investors through a senior-subordinated structure.

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From Beginners to Professionals

  • Real Estate Investment from 10,000 yen

    By utilizing the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act, COZUCHI makes it possible to invest in real estate worth billions of yen from as little as 10,000 yen.

  • Leave the management to professionals

    Since the operator takes care of all the various procedures and management of the real estate, you do not need to do anything after investing, just wait for the transfer of dividends.

  • Invest without fees
Asset Management Simulation

If you invest 1 million yen in COZUCHI’s “short-term investment type”, you could potentially receive 60,000 yen in distributions over a 12-month period, separate from your capital, which is a significant difference when compared to fixed deposit or other operation.

・Assuming an investment yield of 6.0% for COZUCHI “Short-term investment type”. Interest rates are shown on an annualized, pre-tax basis. The assumed yield is not a guarantee of future investment results. *1 In some cases, the capital may be damaged. *2 Calculated based on the annual interest rate of 0.002% (as of March 2023) for the 1-year super fixed term of a major city bank.

4 Reasons to Choose Us

  • Assumed yields can be expected to be higher

    In real estate investment-type crowdfunding, dividends are usually limited to the yield on capital gains, with priority given to preferred investors. However, in COZUCHI’s short-term investment type, profits are allocated and distributed fairly to all investors, including preferred investors, with no upper limit on the dividend yield. Our goal is to offer a product with lower risk and higher-than-expected returns.

  • High yield

    COZUCHI’s short-term investment type offers an annual return of 3% to 12% with minimal risk, achieved through thorough analysis of rental income and estimated property sale price, as well as a senior-subordinated structure. “The product design aims to achieve low risk, high return” as its main feature.

  • Senior-subordinated structure to minimize risk

    In the senior-subordinated structure, investors invest in the preferred portion and the operator invests in the subordinated portion. The “”senior-subordinated structure”” is a mechanism to increase the security of capitals and distributions for investors (preferred investors) as customers by having the operator also make investments as a subordinated investor. The caplital of your preferred investment will not be damaged until the entire amount of the subordinated investment is damaged.

  • Redeemable at any time

    In the Short-Term Investment Type, sale application can be made anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through My Page. In order to accommodate the changes in investors’ lifestyles, the Short-term investment type offers a redemption system, allowing investors to flexibly respond in case of sudden financial needs.
    * There is a certain period of time required from the sale application to the actual disbursement of funds.
    * In the event of a temporary surge in sale application from customers, we may temporarily hold new applications to ensure stable fund management.
    * For sale application, a transaction fee of 3.3% to 5.5% will be charged as administrative fees.

Safe and secure investment initiatives of the
“Short-term Investment Type”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q
    I would like to know the procedure for investing in the fund.
    First, please register as an investor. After completing investor registration, please read the fund page of the fund you want to invest in and check the document in the “Document before contract conclusion” column. After that, you can apply for investment by clicking the “Start investing now” button.
  • Q
    I would like to know the specific procedure for early cancellation.
    Please apply from “Sale application” on My Page. Applications received by the 20th of each month will be purchased by the business operator at the end of the following month, and the purchase price will be paid within 7 business days of purchase. In addition, a handling charge (3.3% to 5.5%) prescribed by the business operator is required for the purchase. *Subject to change in the future.
  • Q
    Are there any fees for investment or redemption?
    No fees are charged for investment (you will be charged for the transfer of your investment). There are also no fees for receiving distributions or redemption proceeds. For the short-term operation type, an administrative fee of 3.3-5.5% will be charged for the redemption process. *Subject to change in the future.
  • Q
    Can I redeem a portion of my units?
    It is possible. Please enter the number of units you wish to purchase from the Sale application screen.
  • Q
    Some short-term investment products also have long-term investment products. What is the difference between short-term investment products and long-term investment products?
    In COZUCHI, the “short-term investment type” service refers to anonymous association-type funds, while the “medium- to long-term investment type” service refers to voluntary association-type funds. Short-term investment service focuses on capital gains, while medium- to long-term investment service focuses on income gains.
  • Q
    How will I be handled for tax purposes? Do I need the Tax report?
    For tax purposes, income from short-term investment type (General Partnership) is considered miscellaneous income. Although it varies from person to person, in principle, tax returns are required. Regarding the overview of tax treatment, please check “”About differences with the Mid- to long-term investment type, please check here.“”. However, we recommend that you consult with the tax office or relevant authorities for detailed information.