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Started releasing “Medium- to Long-term Investment Type”!

  • Point 1Manage your funds with ease and minimal effort over the medium to long term.
  • Point 2Aim for profit on sales while earning regular dividends
  • Point 3Opportunity to sell your investment once every six months
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What is COZUCHI’s Real Estate Investment?
  • Lineup that fits your investment style
  • Investment from small amount is OK
  • Leave the investment management to the professionals!
  • Invest within just 15 minutes
  • Zero capital loss
  • Diversified investment in prime locations in central Tokyo and more
Lineup that fits your investment style
COZUCHI provides two types of services: a “short-term investment type” that aims to acquire profits on sale in a short period of time, and a “medium- to long-term investment type” that aims to receive regular dividends over the medium to long term. All fund investment transactions are completed online, so after investing, you can leave it to professionals and neglect it. Now just wait for the distribution. For more details, please check on each service page.
Investment from small amount is OK
With COZUCHI, you can start investing with a small amount even if you don’t have a lot of money. COZUCHI is perfect choice for you who have thought that: “”I want to start something to prepare for the future…””, “”I have never invested before and I am worried about it…””, “”I want to start when I have more money to spare…”” All real estate is carefully selected by professionals and managed with the utmost integrity, making it easy for anyone to get started. *You can invest from 10,000 yen for short-term investment type and from 100,000 yen for medium- to long-term investment type.
Leave the investment management to the professionals!
Once you have invested in your choice of various funds, such as office buildings or rental apartments, all you have to do is wait for the dividends. You can leave all the property management and operations to us. It does not take any troublesome effort, and you can operate it by neglecting it after investment. In addition, COZUCHI has a track record of 62 funds with a cumulative investment of approximately 23.3 billion yen*, and has an established reputation for its accumulated know-how and discerning ability to select properties. There has never been any loss of capital. *As of December 2022
Invest within just 15 minutes
COZUCHI provides a hassle-free online registration process for investors, allowing you to start investing within just 15 minutes of registration. The entire registration and investment process can be completed online, and you can use your smartphone to trade 24/7, 365 days a year, from either the web page or app. Additionally, you can easily track your investment status via the My Page feature. *Depending on the screening status of account opening, the registration process may take longer than usual.
*To register as an investor, you are required to submit your identification documents and account number, and upload the necessary documents.
Zero capital loss
COZUCHI has a track record of steadily managing investors’ assets, with a total of 72 funds and a cumulative investment amount of approximately 36.5 billion yen* since the service was launched, and has maintained a 100% successful redemption rate to date. (As of April 2023) *The successful redemption rate is the percentage of funds that have been successfully redeemed with no loss of capital among funds that have been terminated.
Diversified investment in prime locations in central Tokyo and more
COZUCHI enables investors to diversify your portfolio by allowing you to invest in high-end residences and large commercial buildings in central Tokyo, even with a small investment amount. By diversifying your investment in various properties, you can expect risk reduction effects such as price decline risk and rental income decline risk in your investment.

COZUCHI’s NOTE provides articles about COZUCHI funds and other informative content regarding investment, money and the economy.

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You can register as an investor in as little as 15 minutes with facial recognition. We will verify your identity in accordance with the law.You will be required to provide identification documents.
Please note that the time required may vary depending on the screening process.

Start investing

After investor registration is complete, an investor page will be created exclusively for you. You can apply for investment in the project of your choice from the investor page.

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