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COZUCHI | Real Estate Investment Crowdfunding |    About the “Medium-to long-term investment type” > Medium- to Long-Term Investment Type. Differences from Apartment and Condominium Investments.

Investing in conventional apartments and condominiums can be challenging for beginners because “The initial investment cost is high…”, “Management and hassle seem daunting…”, “I don’t know which property to choose”, and so on.. However, with COZUCHI’s medium- to long-term investment service, you can invest in real estate more easily, online, and with a smaller initial investment. This service aims to solve these problems and make investing in real estate more accessible to everyone.

5 differences from Apartment and Condominium investment

  • No loans are required

    COZUCHI’s mid- to long-term investment type is easy to start even for those who “”are afraid to take out a large loan…””, “”can’t take out a loan in the first place””, or “”want to invest in real estate with funds on hand.”” You can invest any amount of money from your cash on hand in properties that have been carefully selected by professionals, so there is no need to take out a loan, and you can get regular dividends from the initial stage.

    *COZUCHI’s medium- to long-term investment type allows investment from 100,000 yen.
  • No management or operation that takes time and effort is necessary at all.

    After selecting your preferred fund from a variety of options such as office buildings and rental apartments, all you have to do is wait for dividends. You don’t have to worry about managing or operating the property, so there is no need to go through any cumbersome process. Once you have invested, you can simply neglect it and let it grow.

  • Stable dividends can be obtained from the beginning

    In traditional apartment and condominium investments, taking out a loan is usually a prerequisite, and it is often difficult to generate positive cash flow for several years to several decades unless a significant down payment is made. In COZUCHI’s Mid- to long-term investment type, you can invest in real estate with your available funds without taking out a loan, allowing you to achieve positive cash flow from the beginning. Dividends are distributed every six months based on the invested amount, allowing you to earn regular income.

  • COZUCHI mediates the sale with no fees

    Unlike physical real estate, the seller does not have to pay a commission fee upon sale. Moreover, COZUCHI will act as a mediator and find a buyer through a resale fund, eliminating the need for the seller to search for a buyer on your own and avoiding commission fees for the sale of the property.

    *Please note that the sale is not guaranteed.
    *If there is a capital gain at the time of sale, it will be subject to transfer income tax.
    *As of End of November 2023. Subject to change in the future.
  • Flexible inheritance division

    When dividing inherited traditional real estate, it may take a lot of time and effort to find a buyer and convert it into cash. This can be a complicated and lengthy process. However, with COZUCHI’s mid- to long-term investment type, the process of inheritance is made smoother. The property can be divided among heirs in units of one unit, thus eliminating the need to sell and convert the property into cash. Moreover, with the ability to custom-make small units and divide them among family members, inheritance disputes can be prevented, leading to a smoother inheritance process.

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